You Missed the Fireworks!!!

This past April we (my family and my now wife) took a trip to Disneyland. Since my mom is obsessed with Disney, I’ve been going ever since I was little. I still find Disneyland to be one of my all-time favorite places. It amazes me that there are people in the world that have such powerful imaginations, to create a place that entertains literally all ages. At least, that’s what I thought until this most recent trip…

One of the most popular attractions in the park is the fireworks show every night. It’s Disney’s way of giving it’s guests a “goodnight kiss.” There is always a thrilling storyline, different varieties of fireworks, and the climactic music. If you’re watching closely, you might see a hidden Mickey in the sky!

Disney 21

On this particular night, we watched the fireworks right by the castle. We got there early so we would have a good view. There was a family sitting nearby also waiting for the show to start. To keep one of the kids busy, they let him play on a Gameboy or something like that. I’m all about keeping little kids entertained while waiting for something, but once the fireworks show began, I was shocked to see that this little boy didn’t even flinch his focus from his game.  Normally when you picture little kids watching fireworks, you imagine them to have big, bright eyes glued to the sky, with their jaws dropped, and big smiles on their faces. This was the exact opposite! I don’t think I ever caught him watching the show.

Unfortunately there are a lot of things available to us, that although good, can be distracting at times. I’ve found from my own observations that it’s been our cell phones that constantly attract our attention, and are often the cause of our missing out on making great memories with our families and friends.

There are a lot of good things in this crazy world, like Disneyland fireworks. Let’s not miss out.

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