Keep the Lights On

This past weekend we drove down from Rexburg, Idaho to Lehi, Utah to my in-law’s home to surprise my mother-in-law for her birthday. She was extremely happy to have all of her kids home again. 

These thoughts were actually written as we drove back to Rexburg. We took my sister-in-law’s car, and the head lights weren’t very bright. When we weren’t surrounded by other cars, it was difficult to see the road in front of us, and driving through Idaho brings a threat of deer crossing the road unexpectedly.

Light is a necessity. Light helps us to see in the darkness. Light helps us to discern good from bad.

A defining characteristic of God’s glory is light.


Without light, it is difficult to function, physically and spiritually. The world we live in is full of dark places. Some people are so caught up in the darkness of it all that they don’t realize it.

We need to be more conscious of our surroundings, and put ourselves in places that are inspiring and uplifting, surrounded by others with the same qualities. I can easily feel a difference when I’m in a good place compared to when I’m in a bad place. Everyone can recognize that. Even though there is a lot of darkness in the world, there is a lot of light too.

In the end, light will always overpower the darkness.

We are not perfect. There will be difficult times in our lives that seem dark and unending. Be assured that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I take comfort in song lyrics an old friend wrote a few years back…

There is sun on the horizon,

a candle in a cave,

a little bit of color

on the next page.

There is always something better

when you look for the light

on a dark day.

Though God may seem distant from us when we feel discouraged or lost, He is closer than we believe. God’s plan for us does not conclude with failure, but with a glorious redemption to a place where the brightness exceeds all imagination and description. Until then, lets keep our lights on, and look forward to such a heaven.

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