Come Together

I noticed it as we gathered around the table praying over our meal last night. People from different states, different backgrounds, different faiths. But one thing in common.

Everyone came together.

This was my favorite part of Christmas. This was what made the six-hundred mile drive worth it.

Last night at our Christmas Eve dinner, I enjoyed the company of my wife, my family, and people I didn’t even know. It was most enjoyable, and only possible because of One person.


That’s what Christ does. He brings people together.

Imagine it…this week, people from around the world traveled all over the place to reunite with friends and relatives and celebrate the birth of Christ.

It’s amazing the impact one person’s life can have in the world. Whether it be the entire world, or  your own neighborhood, etc., you can make a difference. There is no better person to follow than the great Exemplar himself.

When we each strive to make a difference, we can all come together.


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