The Musical Moment


Throughout junior high and high school I was lost in the choir room. I. Loved. Choir. Singing in the choir, especially in high school, gave me a sense of belonging somewhere. I was surrounded by good people, who became my best friends, and four years of instruction from one of the best choir teachers in the world. I learned about life, emotion, expression, hard work, sacrifice, success, and love. Most importantly, I learned about myself. I learned that music is tangible. If you let music surround you, you can feel it so much that you may as well reach out in front of you and grab it.

As I’m sure is true with other ensembles, when the group is unified, and not just in tune, but unified in their emotion and expression, lost in the music, there happens a “musical moment.” The standard of this equation is difficult to meet. Every member of the group needs to be completely selfless, especially in choir. But when the equation is met, magic happens.

Finding words to describe the feeling of sharing a musical moment with a select group of other talented musicians is hardly possible.

This musical moment is not solely exclusive to the performers. The audience has every right to be apart of the experience. This is my favorite part of performing. For even just a moment, both the audience and the performers are completely surrounded by the music, captivated by its energy, and momentarily lost in the sound.

In my opinion, music has the power to take us out of this world. When we become surrounded by the music in these musical moments, we are closer to God, even for just a moment.

These are special experiences, little gems of life that are unforgettable. These moments that I experienced with my high school choir now seven years ago still have an affect on me.  These are moments I look forward to when I listen to music and perform, and hope that people who may not now understand, will someday understand.

“Music is well said to be the speech of angels; in fact, nothing among the utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine. It brings us near to the infinite.” – Thomas Carlyle


Photo ~ Mark Mabry

One thought on “The Musical Moment

  1. Bravo. I neither sing (apart from general church), nor do I play an instrument. I feel I have a subpar voice and fingers that don’t work. But for me, I have a deep connection to lyrics that sometimes carry to my eyes and heart as if the answer to prayer, an extreme comfort and message of solace / hope.

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