Trends and Favorite Quotes from Conference

This was a fantastic General Conference. I feel the Lord really heard my prayers to help me prepare to hear His words through His servants as I feel completely fed. Following are popular topics that I picked up on, and some favorite quotes that I feel will have a major impact.


Popular Topics


Standing Up For/Defending Your Beliefs




Natural Disasters/Times of Trial



Missionary Work



Family History/Temple Work


Knowing/Understanding Right vs. Wrong

The Internet


Saturday Morning Session

“It is a characteristic of our age, that if people want any gods at all, they want them to be gods who don’t demand much.” –Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“The bumper sticker question, “What would Jesus do?” will not always bring a popular response.” –Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“Families are the treasure of heaven.” –Elder Neil. L. Anderson (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

Saturday Afternoon

“Even if everyone is doing it, wrong is never right.” –Elder Russell M. Nelson (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“Courage, not compromise, will bring the smile of God’s approval.” –Elder Russell M. Nelson (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“Obedience brings blessings.” Elder Robert D. Hales (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“The works and purposes of God cannot be frustrated.” Claudio D. Zivic (Quorum of Seventy)


“Women and men are equal in the Church and family with different responsibilities.” –Elder Dallin H. Oaks (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“Do not give up your ability to change by saying, “that’s just the way I am.” Who we are is not who we can become.” –Elder Donald L. Hallstrom (Presidency of Seventy)

“Be where you are when you are there.” –Randall L. Ridd (Young Men’s Presidency)

“We are laying the foundation of a great work, even laying the foundation for the return of the Savior.” –President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (First Presidency)

“Don’t seek recognition. Just give service.” –President Henry B. Eyring (First Presidency)

“If you ever find yourself where you shouldn’t be…Get out!” –President Thomas S. Monson (President of the Church)

Sunday Morning

“There seems to be something inside of us that resists endings…We are made of the stuff of eternity. We are eternal beings.” –President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (First Presidency)

“The gospel is not weight. It’s wings. It carries us.” –Jean A Stevens (Primary Presidency)

“Don’t haul around things that distract form what matters most.” –Elder David A. Bednar (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“We cannot truly love God if we do not love our fellow travelers on this mortal journey.” –President Thomas S. Monson (President of the Church)

Sunday Afternoon

“Do all within [your] power to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.” –Boyd K. Packer (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“We are all standing on the shoulders of giants.” –William R. Walker (Quorum of Seventy)

“Obedience is a choice between our limited knowledge and power and God’s unlimited power and omnipotence.” –Elder L. Tom Perry (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“Can it be that simple? Ask God and He will answer? Yes.” –Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge (Quorum of Seventy)

“Faith gives us hope that everything will work out eventually.” –Elder Michael John U. Teh (Quorum of Seventy)

“Christ’s victory over death ended the human predicament. Now there are only personal predicaments.” –Elder D. Todd Christofferson (Quorum of Twelve Apostles)

“May we ever be found doing the work of the Lord.” –President Thomas S. Monson (President of the Church)

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