My Father, My Hero

Another Father’s Day, and another occasion to reflect on the way my father raised me, and the lessons he taught me growing up. Lessons that are with me as I try to be as good of a father to my own children as my dad was/is to me.

My dad is one of the hardest working people I know. From the time I was a little boy, I remember recognizing my dad as a hard worker. As I grew up, he was an auto mechanic. During the hot Las Vegas summers, he would be working in the heat of the shop all day, come home, and start working on projects around the house, oftentimes outside. To this day I don’t know how he found the energy to do that.

All my life, my dad has taught me responsibility. He always says if you take care of something, it will take care of you. Though especially true with more expensive items like cars and computers, I’ve tried to apply the same principle to everything I posses. My dad teaches me this by pure example. In his garage and around my parent’s house are lots of tools. Whenever he finishes a project he always takes the time to clean everything up, and put things away in their rightful place.

Scan 6

I wouldn’t be the man, or husband, or future father without my Dad’s influence and example. He is my hero. When I grow up I hope to be half the man he is. Of all the influential people in my life, I look up to my dad the most.

Everyone deserves a father, and whether or not we have a father figure in our lives, we can rest assured that we have a Heavenly Father who knows us, and loves us individually. Like any father, He wants what is best for us, and does all he can to influence our lives so we can find happiness.

I’m so thankful to have been raised by my dad. He is always there for me, and I can always rely on him whenever I have a question about anything, or just want to say hi. He is not just my dad, he is my friend. He puts his family above everything else, including himself.

Though we praise and recognize our fathers today, these thoughts of admiration and respect remain with me forever.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Love, your son.

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