Making God Proud

My wife and I were married in the beautiful Salt Lake City temple on August 30th of last year. This October we are excited to welcome a little boy into our lives.

Some may think this is all happening too fast, and that we should have waited a few more years. Everyone has different reasons. Some say we should take more time to ourselves, get to know each other better, or be more prepared financially.

So why so soon?

First of all, it was no accident.

Just as Adam and Eve were commanded in the Garden to multiply and replenish the earth, so to were my wife and I commanded when we were sealed together.


God’s commandments should never be taken lightly. God knows everything about us. He knows what’s best for us, and knows the right time for anything to happen. I trust God. He is my Father. Though I don’t fully understand, as I do my best to be a father to this little boy, I’m sure my understanding will increase.

The whole purpose of this life is to build families. Families are eternal. Our relationships with our families are to be kept in tact as we pass on from this life into the next. The only way that is possible is through the ordinances of the temple. Heaven would not be heaven for me without every member of my family.

I love my Heavenly Father, and like all sons, I want my Dad to be proud of me. I know that by doing what my Dad wants me to do, He looks down on me with pride.

My life is not about me or what I want. It’s about my family. It’s about my wife. It’s about my son. My life is dedicated to serving God and keeping His commandments. By loving and serving my family,  I serve God, and, with all the hope in my heart, make Him proud.

2 thoughts on “Making God Proud

  1. What would you say to an LDS couple who struggle to have children? I think it’s taboo and looked down upon in the church. Check out mine and any feedback when you have time.

    1. It’s saddening to think that for various reasons, couples struggle to have children. It is even more saddening to hear that others look down upon these couples.
      I have friends who are married who are trying to have kids, but struggle to do so. To these couples I would say, “keep trying.” I would tell them to fast and pray for guidance. In my opinion, there is not any desire more righteous for a married couple than that of bringing children into the world. In time the Lord will provide a way.
      There is no reason to look down upon these cases. Instead, if we know couples in this situation, we should pray for them.
      Ultimately, God has individual plans for each of us, and our families. As we remain faithful, things will work out for our good in His timing, whether it be in this life or the next.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for your question, and for following along!

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