Never Forget

There are days in our lives that we never forget. All of us have at least one in common.


Where were you 14 years ago today? First of all, can you even believe it’s been 14 years?

I was in the seventh grade. I had woken up and headed downstairs for breakfast. The first channel to appear when the television came on was the news. I saw a really tall building that I recognized from Home Alone, and there was smoke coming out of it.

I went back upstairs and grabbed my mother, and told her what I saw. No sooner did we both come down the stairs, I saw a little dot moving from the side of the TV towards the two buildings. The next thing I saw was a great explosion.

I couldn’t comprehend it. All I knew was that day was going to be a different day. When I arrived at school, we were told not to watch the news of listen to the radio. So of course, in each of my classes, the teachers had the news on and we watched, and tried to understand what was happening, and who was responsible for such tragic events.

You don’t realize you live under a flight path until they ground the planes. You get so used to planes flying over all day that they drown out and you subconsciously ignore them. But that day was different. There were no planes in the sky that day. Not one.

Thirteen years ago today, my life changed. Others lives changed much more dramatically. Many lost friends and loved ones. Many gave their lives. They shall never be forgotten.

No matter who you are, or where you were on that day, take a moment to pause and reflect on how it affected you and your loved ones. It’s important that we remember the past, and remember that even though America was damaged that day, we are stronger because of it.

Unfortunately, it’s the events like those that took place on September 11, 2001 that help us remember what is most important in life. Hence the saying, “never forget.”

May we never forget that life changing day, and may we remember those affected in our prayers always. Remember, as Americans, we stand united. Always.


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