Why Mormons Aren’t Attending Church This Weekend

There are two weekends out of the year that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) do not attend regular church meetings, and this weekend is one of them.

Why, you ask?

On the first weekends of April and October, the Church holds a world-wide General Conference. Church leaders, including the president of the Church whom members believe to be a prophet of God, speak to a local congregation in the Church’s 21,000 seat Conference Center in th-2Salt Lake City, Utah, and the meetings are transmitted via satellite, radio, and internet throughout the world.

Talks given are scripturally based and faith-promoting. Church members believe that during this conference, the will of the Lord is communicated through His ordained servants. The manner in which Latter-day Saint families live and raise children is founded upon teachings given during General Conference, in addition to the scriptures.

You can tune in to conference by clicking on the link below, and by following along here or on social media (#LDSconf). I will be posting my notes from each session.

For more information, please visit the Church’s website.

One thought on “Why Mormons Aren’t Attending Church This Weekend

  1. Of course in Utah we have also had a multi-stake conference and a temple dedication on two other Sundays this month which also preempted regular meetings. So a lot of us feel really out of sorts lately.

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