The Good of Technology

I recently made a trip to my “Disneyland away from Disneyland,” the Apple store. Those of my close friends and family know I am an Apple guru. I have always had a deep passion and interest in Apple products. When I walk into an Apple store I am literally filled with all kinds of  excitement and anxiety.

This post is not intended to praise Apple or its products. While I was in the store tonight, I found, or saw rather, a story.

Those who have been in the Apple store know that the company offers free hour-long workshops. Customers can sign up for a time, come in to the store, and ask questions and learn more about Apple’s products, and how to get the best use out of them for their individual needs.


Tonight I saw an older couple sitting at a table with the Apple employee, learning the very basics of their Macbook, paying every bit of attention with pen and paper in hand, taking notes as they learned.

It was amazing to me. Technology is a major part of an individual’s life, not only for this generation, but this day and age. So many people, especially the older generation, push technology away. But this couple was embracing it. They were so engaged in their lesson, so eager to learn and understand. I couldn’t help but feel excited for them as they learned even just the basics of a machine that will soon become a well-known friend to them, rather than what probably seems to be a stranger-like relationship at present.

Technology is a good thing. Embrace it with eagerness as it continues to become more a part of your life. Technology can be and is used each day for good and bad. Choose to use technology for good. Share goodness online and offline.

Use the good in the world for the good of the world.

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