How I Met the Mormons

This week the Church launched a brand new full-length feature film called Meet the Mormons. The movie literally takes you across the world, and into the lives of six members of the Church with fascinating stories.

I sMeet-The-Mormons-Poster-600x776aw the movie this weekend. It is nothing short of inspiring. These people will bring tears to your eyes. Well worth the trip regardless of what faith you belong to. The whole purpose behind the movie is for everyone to understand that members of the Church (Mormons) are regular people. We have a lot in common. We are normal.

As a convert to the Church, I was introduced to the faith in high school. Two of my best friends invited me to attend with them one Sunday. It was a totally noticeable difference in spirit and atmosphere from any other worship service I had previously attended. The spark of interest from that first service I eventually ignited into a huge flame that eventually led to my membership in the Church.

I am a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I believe in God. He is my Father. I believe in His Son, Jesus Christ. Because of Him, my life is whole. I pattern my life after Him. I try to live as He did.

Every penny of revenue from this film is donated to the Red Cross. Give it a chance. Go and see something that will inspire you. I couldn’t recommend this movie enough. It makes you feel good.

To read my entire story about how I eventually joined the Church, click here.

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