Night and Day

My wife and I attended a hockey game Friday night. It was my wife’s first time. After the first period, I went up to the concession stands to grab a pretzel and a soda. No, this isn’t a rant about the ridiculously high prices. These are thoughts I had today as I compared my surroundings as I waited in line at that concession stand to the events of Saturday.

Standing behind me in line were some young men who were constantly swearing. They were pridefully hyping about being drunk, smoking drugs, and just plain being obnoxious.

As I stood in front of them, it was hard not to listen to them. I felt completely out of place, like I was in the wrong crowd. I felt different.

Saturday morning I was in the temple of God with my wife’s family. There were eight of us in total.


What. A. Difference.

The temple is such a special place. When I go to the temple, I leave the world at the door. Nothing else matters but me and my relationship with my family, and my relationship with my God and my Savior.

The difference between these two atmospheres was literally like night and day. The world’s standards have fallen, and continue to fall. But God’s standards never change.

I’m glad that my wife wasn’t exposed to the things I was at that concession stand. However, I’m so grateful to have shared the memories we had in the temple today with her family.

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