Taking on a New Role

Last night my life changed. Forever.

My wife and I welcomed our first child, a son, into the world last night. It was an experience that is beyond the reach of words. Until he was born, all I could feel was anxiety, excitement, and anticipation. Today I feel happy, love, and of course, exhaustion.


Today my mindset is different, however. This little boy is my son. My son. I always knew that, but now the fact has hit me, and started to sink in.

I am no longer just a husband. I have a new role, and new responsibilities.

As a father, it is up to me to make sure this little guy knows the important things in life. Obviously that means the essentials – sports, good music, and all other things man-related. But, my responsibilities go much deeper.

He needs to come to know and understand who he is.

This new addition to our family is not just my son. He is a son of God. The God of heaven and earth has given my wife and I the responsibility of raising one of His own. That’s a big deal. As he grows up, he needs to learn about his identity and potential. Not just potential in life, but in the life to come as well. This little miracle deserves everything I have to offer him as a father.

How I look forward to watching him grow, and teaching him all I can. Ultimately, he will make his own choices, but that’s the beautiful part of life. We are free.

There is no feeling like this, not that I have ever felt in my life. Being a father is a special experience, and I couldn’t trade it for anything.

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