Share the Gift – His Death and Resurrection

Each of our lives has a purpose. God did not create us and send us to earth just to eat, sleep, and work. There is a great plan outlined for us to follow. We were sent here to learn who were are as children of God, and what his purposes are for us. The central focus of this great plan is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This Christmas the theme is Share the Gift. This post represents the climax of each of my relevant posts. His death and subsequent resurrection are the ultimate and greatest gifts ever presented to man. There is nothing that even begins to compare.

Jesus knew who he was. He also knew his purpose. He came to earth to fulfill his Father’s will by offering himself as the great and last sacrifice for the sins of the world, to satisfy the demands of justice, and to free all man from the consequences of the Fall of Adam.

His death was most agonizing. The pain was so intense that he sweat great drops of blood in Gethsemane. He hung on the cross in the manner of crucifixion, some there believing they had finally killed him and that he would no longer interfere with their lives, others, most especially the Savior himself, knowing differently, so much as to ask for their forgiveness because He knew they didn’t understand what they were doing.

Jesus’ death brings life. His resurrection is the gift of all gifts. His death frees us from the consequences of sin. His resurrection is the gift of eternal life in a perfect body, free of sickness and death. This is a completely free gift given to all men regardless of belief and deed.

This Christmas, share the gift. Give the gift. Please, don’t force the gift.

The gift of Christ is what Christ-mas is all about. Forget the presents, the food, the parades, the movies. Remember Christ. Believe in Christ. Allow Christ to return to your Christmas tradition as the primary focus of the season.


Whenever you see lights on the tree or around the neighborhood, remember that He is the Light of the world. Whenever you see the food on the table, remember that He is the Bread of Life. And when you open your presents on Christmas morning, remember the One who is the true Gift.

I wish all of you and your families a Christmas season full of wonder, joy, and happiness.

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