April 2015 General Conference Notes – Sunday Afternoon Session 

Conducting – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Opening Hymn – My Redeemer Lives

Robert D. Hales – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

robert-d-hales-largeWe must not forget that moral agency is an essential part of God’s plan to all his children.

Jesus exercised His agency to sustain Heavenly Father’s plan.

To keep the commandments we need to know the official doctrine of the Church.

The blessings we enjoy now are because we made the choice to follow the Savior.

It is not too late to make that same choice again and follow Him.

The blessings of the Spirit increase our power to do right.

The faithful use of our agency depends on our having religious freedom.

Four cornerstones of religious freedom.

1. Freedom to believe.

What we believe about God is very personal and very important.

2. Freedom to share faith and our beliefs with others.

We rely on religious freedom to teach the gospel to our families and throughout the world.

3. Freedom to form religious organizations.

4. Freedom to live our faith.

We have a responsibility to work together with like-minded believers.

Be aware of the issues in your community that can have an impact on religious liberty.

Live your life to be a good example of what you believe in word and deed.

How we live our religion is far more important that what we say about our religion.

Don’t walk, but run to receive the blessings of agency.

Kevin W. Pearson – Seventy

kevin-w-pearson-largeTo “hang in there” is not a principle of the gospel.

We struggle when we are caught between competing priorities.

Don’t forget to pray.

Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.

Press forward with faith.

God’s commandments are strict but not restrictive.

The Book of Mormon is key to spiritual survival.

When adversity comes don’t let something you don’t fully understand unravel everything you do know.

Be patient, cling to truth. Understanding will come.

Don’t be distracted and deceived.

Only the Savior has the words to eternal life. Everything else is just words.

Stay by the tree.

Apostasy is the reverse of conversion.

Returned missionaries cannot swan dive back into Babylon.

Once we enter into covenants with God there is no going back.

Average is the enemy of excellence.

Study the Book of Mormon and live its teachings everyday, everyday, everyday.

Enduring to the end is the great test of discipleship.

Rafael E. Pino – Seventy

rafael-e-pino-largeThe Father’s desire is to give everyone the opportunity to receive a fullness of joy.

Understanding the plan will help people keep the commandments.

The eternal perspective of the gospel leads us to understand the place we occupy in God’s plan.

Don’t make decisions of eternal value from the perspective of mortality.

Perspective is everything.

The Lord knows what He wants to accomplish with each one of us.

Neil L. Andersen – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

AndersenNL_1008sWe are a very large world-wide family of believers.

We are not casual in our faith. We believe in Him. We worship Him. We follow Him. We deeply love Him.

His cause is the greatest cause in all the world.

If everything is going perfectly for you right now, just wait.

He is the grand Architect.

Can you see the hand of God moving His work forward?

God’s miracles are happening everywhere.

Our faith grows as we anticipate the glorious day of the Savior’s return to the earth.

All the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of God.

In the day of the Lord’s coming the skeptics shall be silent.

Jorge F. Zeballos – Seventy

jorge-f-zeballos-largeSeeking our own salvation and then the salvation of others are our two main responsibilities.

The sources that allow us to learn our duty are the words of Christ and personal revelation.

We need to repent, be obedient, and be patient.

We should accept God’s will even if it does not match our desires or preferences.

Joseph W. Sitati – Seventy

joseph-w-sitati-largeDevelop our divine nature and obtain our divine destiny.

Develop a vision of what you can become.

God invites all His children to obtain His help to overcome all the challenges of this life.

God’s plan is a plan of happiness.

Russell M. Nelson – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

russell-m-nelson-largeExamine your feelings of and your behavior on the Sabbath day.

Is the Sabbath really a “delight” for you?

The Sabbath is the Savior’s day.

What sign do I want to give to God?

The fullness of the earth is promised to those who keep the Sabbath day holy.

The home is the basis of a righteous life.

Give highest priority to family prayer, family home evening, etc.

No other work transcends that of righteous, intentional parenthood.

Teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom.

Make the Sabbath a delight by finding your ancestors.

Make the Sabbath a delight by rendering service to others.

Not pursuing your own pleasures on the Sabbath requires self-discipline.

Routine and recreational activities can be done some other time.

It is our privilege to consecrate our money and time to Him who consecrates to us each day.

Wherever we live we are to be examples of the believers.

True believers keep the Sabbath day holy.

Closing Hymn – Lord, I Would Follow Thee

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