Laughing at Mistakes

I am an aspiring web developer. I’m currently enrolled in a programming bootcamp and preparing for an internship to kickstart my future career. Needless to say, I don’t have much free time, but I learned a lesson today that was worth noting.

As I learn to write code, I make mistakes. A LOT of mistakes. Most of the time these mistakes go unnoticed, until a test run is attempted and nothing works. I spent a half hour today looking for an error that was literally caused by a comma being typed rather than a semi-colon. At times, this process is quite frustrating.

My son turns one in two weeks. Hard to believe. For the past few months he’s been crawling all over the house, and recently he’s started walking. Balance is still a very new concept for him, so he falls regularly. He taught me a lesson today though while we were playing. He was practicing walking, and would wobble and fall. But his reaction wasn’t frustration, like me. It was the very opposite – laughter. He thought it was so funny each time he would drop to the ground.

IMG_5744 BW

When we make mistakes, or fall, we need to take a note from my son and just laugh it off. Laugh it off, get back up, and try again. I’m sure he will fall many more times before walking is second nature to him, but he will be laughing the whole time.

Photo of my son curtesy of Clarissa Stagg Photography

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