Book Review: “More Than the Tattooed Mormon”

Recently, blogger, speak, and author Al Fox Carraway released her first of hopefully many books. This autobiography details her conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her story is beyond inspiring.

Reading this book was a joy. Every time I opened it it was like opening a book of happiness and pure, sweet testimony. Al is a prime example of how to live the gospel and test God righteously. She shares not only gospel principles and motivational inspiration, but personal glimpses into her experiences with God and how she has developed a relationship with him from the ground up.

Book Cover

As a convert to the Church myself, I was definitely anxious to read Al’s story. I was very surprised to see so many parallels between her story and mine. Al’s message is simple: trust God always and find happiness in the gospel no matter what challenges life throws at you (and eat lots of pizza).

Al’s book reinvigorates my desire to be better. As she says,

“We only get to do this mortal thing once, and I’d hate to waste it or take it for granted. Today will never happen again. Make it count.”

Inspiration is good for our souls. Al’s book is is a treasure trove of inspiration, motivation, and testimony worthy of readers of all faiths.

Al’s book is available just about everywhere. You can find it at:

Deseret Book

Barnes and Noble

LDS Bookstore



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