April 2016 General Conference Notes – Saturday Morning Session


Conducting – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Opening Hymn – Come Ye Children of the Lord

Opening Prayer – Lynda K. Burton

Henry B. Eyring – First Counselor, First Presidency

henry-b-eyring-largeWe meet as if we are all together in one great hall.

The Lord is in our midst.

Parable of the sower – what condition is your soil in?

All of us have had our faith tested by precious blessings delayed.

Satan is clever.

This is His Conference.

Whatever is spoken shall be scripture…the word of the Lord.

Listen carefully to the testimonies born in this conference.

Our Heavenly Father loves and knows all of us.

He lives today a God, resurrected and glorious.

Mary R. Durham – Second Counselor, Primary General Presidency

mary-r-durham-largeLife can be so heavy. We live in a noisy and busy world.

The things of this world can drown out the things of the spirit.

How can we prepare our children?

The gift of the Holy Ghost can guide our children constantly if they live for that blessing.

How do we as parents increase the spiritual capacity of our little ones?

The best setting for a spiritual education is in the home.

Immersing our families in the Spirit will keep our children’s hearts open to His.

Teach our children to live for the guiding gift of the Holy Ghost.

Donald L. Hallstorm – Presidency of Seventy 

donald-l-hallstrom-largeWe are all children…offspring of God.

All human beings are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son of daughter of Heavenly Parents.

A correct understanding of our heavenly heritage is essential to our exaltation.

Do we really know in our minds, hearts, and souls that we are children of God?

Our earthly identities should not supersede or interfere with our eternal identity as children of God.

Heaven is the best place to be because you are with your Heavenly Father.

When difficult things arise, our immediate response should be to remember who we are.

Our hardships have eternal purpose.

You can have what you want, or you can have something better. – Holland

We live in a world that can cause us to forget who we really are.

It is essential that our preeminent identity is as a child of God.

Gary E. Stevenson – Quorum of Twelve Apostles  

gary-e-stevenson-largeWithout keys…

The performance of every ordinance of salvation requires appropriate governance through Priesthood keys.

Never, ever again do we have to question, “Where are the keys?”

All keys of the priesthood are held by the Lord Jesus Christ.

The keys of the gathering of Israel restored by Moses enable missionary work in our dispensation.

Find the keys by preparing for missionary service.

It is never too early to prepare for missionary service.

Find the keys by attending the temple.

Keys are turned in the temple that allow families to be bound together forever.

Go forward with faith.

Kneel each morning and night in prayer.

Strive each day to be obedient.

The keys are safely in the possession of prophets, seers, and revelators.

Kevin R. Duncan – Seventy

kevin-r-duncan-largeAll that is of God encompasses love, light, and truth.

God has provided an escape for all who fall victim to the misdeeds of others.

We can forgive and we can be free.

Applying the healing ointment of the Savior’s atonement will soften our hearts and heal our souls.

Mercy cannot rob justice.

God will console you in your afflictions.

God will compensate us for every injustice we experience.

We are all growing spiritually at different levels.

Forgive others by trying to see them as God sees them.

God’s love for His children is perfect.

We all have within us Saul like potential.

To forgive is not to condone.

We can gain greater understanding and peace when we see with a broader perspective.

We should not be defined by the worst thing we have ever done.

God looketh not on the color of the jersey, or the political party.

Live with grace.

Forgiveness of our own sins and offenses is conditioned upon our forgiveness of others.

Forgiveness is the very reason that God sent His Son.

The Savior’s atonement is not just for those who need to repent, but for those who need to forgive.

Steven E. Snow – Seventy

steven-e-snow-largeSome of the greatest sermons are preached by the singing of hymns.

We need to help our children remain humble as they mature into adulthood.

Our genuine concern should be for the success of others. -Hunter

A little but of humility right now would go a long way.

Humility enables us to be better parents, husbands, wives, friends, neighbors.

Simply living life can and often will be a humbling experience.

Through the eyes of humility you begin to see miracles.

Dale G. Renlund – Quorum of Twelve Apostles 

dale-g-renlund-largeThe greater the distance between the giver and the receiver, the more the receiver develops a sense of entitlement.

The more we distance ourselves from God and Jesus Christ, the more entitled we feel.

When we are distance from God, even small iniquities are large.

Murmuring is the scriptural equivalent of childish whining.

The closer we are to Jesus Christ, the more we appreciate His innocent suffering.

God is more pleased with repentant sinner than with self-righteous individuals who don’t realize how bad they need to repent.

Stop causing God further grief.

The best way to draw closer to God is to prepare for and partake of the Sacrament each week.

The Savior’s sacrifice is in reality a very individual and personal experience for each of us.

The Sacrament truly helps us know our Savior.

As we draw closer to God the enabling power of the atonement will come into our lives.

The Savior has been nearby all along.

Closing Hymn – Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

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