April 2016 General Conference Notes – Sunday Morning Session

Conducting – Henry B. Eyring

Opening Hymn – The Morning Breaks

Opening Prayer – Anthony D. Perkins

Thomas S. Monson – President


4 new temples:  Harare, Zimbabwe; Quito, Ecuador; Belém, Brazil; and Lima, Peru.

A door of history turns on small hinges, and so do people’s lives.

The choices we make determine our destiny.

The path we follow in this life leads to our destination in the next life.

May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.

If we choose Christ we will have made the correct choice.

Bonnie L. Oscarson – Young Women General President

bonnie-oscarson-md-1190455Do you believe it or not?

I knew it, but did I believe it?

Do we fail to fully comprehend the miracle of discipleship?

We believe that this church is more than just a good place to go on Sundays and be a good person.

We believe that the same church Jesus Christ established on the earth has been restored once again.

We have apostles and prophets leading and directing this Church.

We believe that God speaks to his children through prophets.

We believe that families can be sealed together for eternity in holy temples.

We believe that through a prophet and the power of God we have received additional scriptures declaring Jesus to be the Savior of the world.

If these things are true than we have the greatest message of hope and help that the world has ever known.

True conversion is a process that takes place over a period of time.

Conversion comes when we search scriptures instead of the internet.

It is a choice we make daily to choose faith over doubt.

W. Christopher Waddell – Second Counselor, Presiding Bishopric

w-christopher-waddell-largeWe will all be subject to trials and sorrow.

At one time or another, each of us must experience sorrow – Wirthlin

We may not fully understand every doctrine, principle, and practice.

We have been promised peace if we learn, listen, and walk.

The temple helps us to find peace.

In the temple you will find a peace that you find nowhere else.

Our commitment to the Lord and his servants cannot be a part-time commitment.

The adversary offers counterfeit solutions to those who seek peace.

If we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves.

We will find peace to our soul as we walk with Jesus and repent of our sins.

Only through Jesus can we obtain true peace in this life.

D. Todd Christofferson – Quorum of Twelve Apostles

christoffersont_largeThe good that men can do in the highest of masculine roles of husband and father.

We believe in the idea of a man who puts his family first.

Fathers are unique and irreplaceable.

The key men is to be father, the key for children is to have fathers, the key for society is create fathers.

The perfect expression of fatherhood is our Heavenly Father.

Fatherhood is a source of incomparable satisfaction, even joy.

The most essential of a father’s work is to turn the hearts of his children to their Heavenly Father.

A father who reads scripture with his children acquaints them with the voice of the Lord.

Fathers are to teach God’s laws and works anew to each generation.

The Lord expects fathers to shape their children.

A father should be an upright, good, and aspirational example for his son.

When providing correction a father’s motivation should be love, and his guide the Holy Spirit.

Loving the mother of his children and showing his love are two of the best things a father can do for his children.

We can all fathers to do better and to be better.

We can on media outlets to portray fathers better.

Young men: prepare now

The ministry of fathers today is to prepare their children for the coming of Christ.

Quentin L. Cook – Quorum of Twelve Apostles

quentin-l-cook-largeThe Lord has prospered our people so that we can be valiant in attending to our temple responsibilities.

This is the most blessed time in all history.

Live to be worthy of a temple recommend.

The primary blessings of the temple are the ordinances of exaltation.

The Lord organizes eternal families only in temples.

We are all equal before God in the temple.

We would do well to study Doctrine and Covenants 109

The temple is a place of tranquility and peace in a world that is literally in commotion.

Never underestimate the assistance provided in temples from the other side of the veil.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf – Second Counselor, First Presidency

mormon-UchtdorfIt matters not how completely ruined our lives may seem…with God we can be rebuilt and restored.

God is fully aware of those who are lost, and He will find them.

The sheep is worthy of divine rescue simply because it is loved by the Good Shepherd.

Our Savior knows and loves us.

Because he loves you he will find you. He will place you on his shoulders rejoicing.

God will force no one to heaven. You will not be rescued against your will.

If you cannot say that God is there you can hope that he is. You can desire to believe. That is enough to start.

Obedience is not a popular words these days…

Obedience is a cherished concept in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we increase in faith we must also increase in faithfulness.

There is nothing good unless you do it.

If our beliefs do not influence our daily decisions, our religion is vain.

Obedience is the lifeblood of faith.

It is by obedience that we gather life into our souls.

It is by obedience that we discover what we are truly made of.

We carry the substance of divinity.

God sees us as we truly are, and he sees us worthy of rescue.

He will life you up and place you on his shoulders. He will carry you home.

Closing Hymn – O Thou Rock of Our Salvation

Closing Prayer – Carrol F. McConkie

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