Gone Fishin’

During a phone call with my dad he told me about a book he found that belonged to my grandfather. Each page of the book has a question that is meant as a prompt to allow the user to open up more about their life so their friends and family can learn more about who they really were after they’ve passed on.

Dad sent me a picture of an excerpt from grandpa’s book. This particular answer was written in response to the following question: What was your favorite sport or outdoor activity? Why was this your favorite?

“Above all else I love fishing.

I love it because it’s my favorite time to talk with God. I feel the peace that his nature brings my soul. I love to look at what He has made. I have never had a bad fishing trip. Ever!!”

I have always enjoyed fishing. Dad took me when I was little and I’ve continued to fish into adulthood. My attitude towards fishing has not always been positive. There have been times when it seems like the lake is completely empty or that for some reason all you can snag on your line is a rock. But this newfound perspective from my grandfather will forever change my outlook on fishing and life.

Catching fish is not what fishing is really about. No, it’s about being outside, unplugging from the world and absorbing nature and it’s beauty-God’s creations. It’s time to think and ponder, to relax and feel peace. It’s literal one-on-one time with God. Putting a hook in the water with a worm on it is just a medium to get there.

I can’t wait to go fishing again, because I know it will be a good trip. How do I know? Because I know my grandfather will be there with me, and he has never had a bad fishing trip…ever.

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