October 2016 General Conference Notes – Saturday Morning Session

Conducting – Henry B. Eyring
Opening Hymn – With Songs of Praise
Opening Prayer – Joy D. Jones
Dieter F. Uchtdorf – 2nd Counselor, First Presidency
The more adapt I get to technology, the more I take it for granted.
Do we truly appreciate what we have as followers of the gospel of Jesus Christ?
There is a living prophet on the earth today. Isn’t that wonderful and amazing?
Life changing truth are before our eyes, at our fingertips.
Too often we find ourselves distracted by the imperfections of our fellow members.
We tread a path covered with diamonds, but we can scarcely distinguish them from ordinary pebbles.
The gospel of Jesus Christ has the answers to the most complex questions of mortal life.
We are eternal beings without beginning and without end. We have always existed.
We are of the royal house of Elohim, the Most High God.
We accepted Heavenly Father’s plan of our own free will. That is why we are here.
Does it not fill our hearts and minds with wonder and awe to contemplate the great plan of happiness?
Let. us take courage, and trust in the guidance of the Spirit [of God].
Let our motive be for the love of God and his children, for they are our brothers and sisters.
*A beautiful outline of the plan of salvation.
robert-d-hales-largeRobert D. Hales – Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
If we love the Savior more would we suffer less?
When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God.
Even in our trials we can experience joy and peace.
Our Christian love and service naturally begins in the home.
As parents we are to be missionaries to our children.
Thee life me and I’ll life thee, and we’ll ascend together eternally.
When an opportunity comes to share your thoughts about the gospel and the lessons of life, stop everything and sit down and talk about them with your children and grandchildren.
Youth are some of the most effective gospel teachers.
Youth – don’t be afraid. Have faith to testify of what you know to be true.
The most important work we do in our families is through the power of the Holy Ghost.
Our children measure how much we love them by how much time we give them.
We cannot pray away another’s agency.
If you are suffering…I urge you to let the Savior be your caregiver.
Let us renounce the war that often rages in the hearts of the natural man.
carol-mcconkie-1190461Carol F. McConkie – Young Women General Presidency
We may enjoy personal communion with God when we pray…
A prayer of faith opens the way to receive glorious heaven sent blessings.
If we expect to receive, we must ask, seek, and knock.
We pray to our Father in the name of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Ghost, thus engaging all three members of the Godhead in our utterances.
God will console you in your afflictions.
When we pray with faith the Holy Ghost can guide our thoughts so that our desires can harmonize with the will of God.
It is equally important to knowing how to pray to know how to receive the answer to prayer.
In our pleading we may be strengthened to go forward and do all that we were ordained to do.
Prayer is a gift from God. We need never feel lost or alone.
Every moment of prayer can be precious time spent with our Father in Heaven.
Intermediate Hymn  – Redeemer of Israel
craig-c-christensen-largeCraig C. Christensen – Presidency of the Seventy
We need not be timid about testifying of Joseph Smith.
If any of us lack wisdom we can ask God in faith and receive answers.
Consider the fruits, the many blessings that have come to us through Joseph Smith the Prophet.
We know that marriage and family are essential part of God’s plan of happiness.
Eternal life can be ours.
We have witnesses and testimonies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Savior of the world.
juan-a-uceda-largeJuan A. Uceda – Seventy
*Story about listening to the promptings of the Spirit
Always pray with a sincere heart with real intent exercising faith in Christ.
When you pray do you really want God’s will to be done?
When you pray, are you really praying or just saying prayers?
Are you superficial with your prayers?
Prepare to make important decisions by praying to Heavenly Father.
Do you prepare yourself for a moment of prayer?
Jesus invites us to pray always.
God hears our prayers and is sensitive to us and our needs.
God sees you with eyes of love and mercy that we cannot fully understand.
A moment of prayer is a very sacred moment.
j-devn-cornish-largeJ. Devn Cornish – Seventy
There is no such thing as being good enough. None of us could ever earn or deserve our salvation.
We must stop comparing ourselves to others.
We torture ourselves needlessly by comparing.
If we must compare, compare how we were in the past to how we are today.
Yes, you are good enough, and yes, you are going to make it.
I sometimes think we don’t recognize how much the Lord really wants to help us.
The Atonement is also for Saints.
If we sincerely repented, our former sins will not keep us from being exalted.
If we will sincerely repent, God will sincerely forgive us.
No matter how many mistakes that you have made you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love.
The worst kind of sin is premeditated sin.
Because of the Savior’s atonement we can repent and be fully forgiven.
Rebellion will surely keep us out of heaven.
When we rebel against God, we reject our only help and hope with is Jesus Christ.
God lives and wants us to come home.
AndersenNL_1008sNeil L. Anderson – Quorum of Twelve Apostles
Much of the important work of God is unseen in the eyes of the world.
The gathering of Israel is a miracle.
Each of us is a piece of the puzzle, and each of us helps to set in place other essential pieces.
Guilt has an important role as it awakens us to changes we need to make.
Stop feeling guilty about any insufficiency you have about sharing the gospel.
Be open about your faith in Christ.
Share the great plan of happiness as found in the Book of Mormon.
The spiritual work of helping someone come into the kingdom of God is a group effort.
The timing of another’s conversion is not up to you.
Your efforts to share the gospel with others is not a pass/fail test.
When you share the gospel with others your grade is always an A+
*A special invitation to youth and young adults to be witnesses of God. Use technology.
Closing Hymn – If the Way be Full of Trial, Weary Not
Closing Prayer – Marcus B. Nash

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