Understanding Where We Are

I discovered a short video where a group of individuals recreate a scale model of our solar system, where the earth is the size of a small marble. To put such a model into perspective with an earth that size, the entire solar system that we belong to measured in diameter seven miles.

Seven. Miles.

Check out the video:

At the end, the man says something that struck me and hit me with a moment of spiritual inspiration. He said, “We are on a marble floating in the middle of nothing.” As soon as he said those words, I thought, “No, we are on a marble…in the middle of everything.”

Yes, beyond the limits of our eyes and technological reach is a vast expanse that we can’t, don’t, and probably won’t fully comprehend in this life, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing there.

In the beginning God created. He created the earth and the light and the darkness. Everything has a purpose, a reason for existence. The “nothing” that exists beyond is His canvas. He is the artist, the architect. For Him, it is as tangible as a piece of paper.

Watching this video really puts our existence into perspective. We live in a big, beautiful world in a massive expanse of space. It’s quite humbling to say the least. And yet, we have meaning. We have a purpose. And one day, I believe God will show us everything beyond our current comprehension and understanding, and explain it all to us – why it’s there and what’s it’s for. I look forward to that. Until then, all we can do is anything within our means to make this marble of ours the best place possible and better understand the purpose of everything else that’s out there.



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