Book Review – Cheers to Eternity

Al Fox Carraway recently released a new book, this time co-authored with her husband, Ben, entitled Cheers to Eternity.

Having thoroughly enjoyed Al’s last book, More Than the Tattooed Mormon, I was anxious to dive in to this new addition to her collection of publications.

The book begins with a little conversational background dialogue between Al and Ben describing their beginnings. We learn how they met, courted, and became engaged and married. It’s fun to read and I’m glad that they chose to write this introductory section conversationally because it really highlights their personalities and gives you a glimpse into their relationship.

Throughout the book, Al and Ben talk about lessons that they’ve learned since they’ve been married. Though they haven’t been married very long (4 years at the time of publication), it’s apparent that they have set a very strong foundation anchored in spirituality, humor, and of course, love.

It’s clear that Al and Ben were aware that this book wasn’t to be written as just marriage advice for one specific audience. Rather, it was written for literally anyone. Whether you’ve been married for decades, newlywed, or even single, this book was written for you. The book is full of advice about how to prepare for a successful marriage, working together as a team, and overcoming obstacles together. Now, many of Al and Ben’s examples are not just written, but they are implied. They set a powerful example of gospel living, sacrifice, and service for each other. They teach their readers that marriage isn’t a selfish endeavor, but that it’s about constantly supporting one another.

Cheers to Eternity is a celebration of marriage – its importance, eternal nature, and the endless adventure that comes with the crowning ordinance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Give this book a read. Whether married or not, the lessons Al and Ben teach are priceless. They’ll make you laugh, lift you spiritually, and give you the hope that strength in marriage is always possible.

Cheers to Eternity can be found and purchased at any of the following booksellers:

Deseret Book

Barnes and Noble

Seagull Book



and more

Al and Ben have a book signing scheduled in Salt Lake City at Deseret Book on September 30 from 6-8pm (after the second session of General Conference)

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