October 2017 General Conference Notes – Sunday Morning Session

Presiding – Henry B. Eyring

Conducting – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Opening Hymn – Press Forward Saints

Opening Prayer – Michael T. Ringwood

Choir – Consider the Lilies

jean-b-bingham-large-278x346-04-2017Jean B. Bingham – Relief Society General President

Having a fullness of joy.

Commit The Living Christ to memory

No matter what we have suffered, He is a source of healing.

We must come unto Him and allow Him to work his miracles.

Their only objective is our eternal happiness and progress.

Knowing that God is our father assures us that we have divine potential and a royal promise.

When we put our faith into action, the Holy Ghost bears witness of eternal truth.

Take a private moment to reflect on your blessings, and then find ways to share them.

donald-l-hallstrom-largeDonald L. Hallstrom – Seventy

Has the day of miracles ceased?

Perhaps we lack an understanding of what constitutes a miracle.

Faith leads to miracles.

Do we have faith not be healed from our earthly afflictions so that we might be healed eternally?

Faith in the Father and the Son allows us to understand and accept their will as we prepare for eternity.

The gift of a Savior is a miracle.

The atonement of Jesus Christ is a miracle.

We are living a miracle and further miracles lie ahead.

Choir – Hark All Ye Nations

david-a-bednar-largeDavid A. Bednar – Quorum of Twelve Apostles

We can be too easily diverted from remembering and focusing on spiritual priorities.

Eternal life is the ultimate exceeding great and precious promise.

The Sabbath is God’s time.

The purpose of the Sabbath is to elevate our vision from the things of the world to the blessings of eternity.

Temples are the most holy of all places of worship.

A principle purpose of the temple is to elevate our vision from the things of the world to the blessings of eternity.

The Sabbath and the temple can help establish in our homes a more excellent way.

What we do in our homes…with his sacred time is pivotal to becoming partakers of the divine nature.

The gospel is so much more than a routine checklist of discreet tasks to be performed.

Hymn – Glory to God on High

w-christopher-waddell-largeBishop W. Christopher Waddell – Second Counselor, Presiding Bishopric

Responding to events that alter our plans.

Never doubt your divine nature and eternal potential.

Only our choices can alter our eternal course.

Hope and peace are always available through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Jesus can empathize with every event that we will ever encounter in mortality.

We have absolute control over how we respond to the changes in our lives.

The sad irony is that those most in need often turn away from their perfect source of help, Jesus Christ.

We are invited to look to the Savior and live.

Zwick-W-Craig-largeW. Craig Zwick – Emeritus Seventy

Look beyond what you see.

What a blessing it is when the Spirit of the Lord widens our view!

Instead of seeing through the lens of social media, we need to look inward for the godly attributes for which we each lay claim.

Truth mandates our highest allegiance, though it should never be a barrier to kindness.

Choir – Dear to the Heart of the Shepard

henry-b-eyring-largeHenry B. Eyring – First Counselor, First Presidency

“I have read the Book of Mormon every day for over fifty years.”

When we stand with faith upon His rock, doubt and fear are diminished.

The Lord expects more from us, and the generations after us.

Above all, we are to be consistent and persistent in following prophetic counsel.

Sometimes you will be the angel the Lord sends to bear others up.

The best days are ahead for the kingdom of God on the earth.

Faith always defeats fear.

Standing together produces unity.

Following Him in your life, and your service to others is the only way to eternal life.


Closing Prayer – José A. Teixeira – Seventy

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