Time for Change

It’s been nearly two months since President Nelson announced new name guidelines for the Church. He was very specific about avoiding terms like “Mormon” and LDS, which provoked a lot of thinking for me regarding this project, especially its name. 

So today I announce that I am changing the name of this project to The Latter-day Life. This change will take place on all of my social media channels as well. Any links to themormonlife.com will be redirected to thelatterdaylife.com. 

For many traditions, change almost always results in a new name. For example, when we are born again (baptized) we are given a name. We take upon ourselves the name of Christ, with a covenant and promise to always remember Him and keep His commandments. As part of the endowment in the temple, we receive a new name, either for ourselves, or for the person for whom we are officiating.

One of the things Elder John Groberg discovered as a missionary among the Polynesians was that they would frequently change their names in order to commemorate a change in their lives, and a chance at a fresh start.

No, we can’t be physically baptized or receive our personal endowments multiple times. But we do have access to the Sacrament, and returning to the temples to participate in the endowment vicariously. These ordinances allow us to re-commit ourselves to the covenants we personally made, and re-commit ourselves to the Savior and His work.

This name change will likewise represent a fresh start, and a recommitment to sharing spiritual thoughts and opinions that I hope will uplift and inspire others as we journey together on the gospel path, striving to live as Jesus would.

Please feel free to comment!

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