October 2018 General Conference Notes – Saturday Morning Session

Conducting – Henry B. Eyring

Choir – The Morning Breaks

Invocation – Craig A. Carden

Choir – If I Listen With My Heart

Russell M. Nelson – President

The youth are making a difference – setting a standard for the rest of the Church.

It is time for a home-centered church.

The adversary is increasing his attacks at an exponential rate.

We are each responsible for our individual spiritual growth.

Quentin L. Cook – Quorum of Twelve

Home centered and church supported plan.

New balance between gospel instruction in the home and the church.

Sunday meeting schedule adjustment

60 min sacrament meeting

50 min class – alternate Sunday school and Priesthood/RS meetings

5th Sunday meeting under the direction of the bishop

Allows more time for home evening and gospel study

New Come Follow Me resource for individuals and families

Two core concerns – honoring the sabbath and the sacrament

Better teaching and more prepared class members = better Sunday experience

Purpose is to balance the church and the home experience. 

Strongly recommend reminder emails/messages to help prepare members for upcoming meetings and lessons

New Sunday schedule will commence Jan. 2019

Encouraging earlier meeting schedules

M. Joseph Brough – 2nd Counselor, General Young Men Presidency

Peace comes from forgiveness through the Atonement of Christ.

Blaming our circumstances on others is not a solution.

Young people – God requires hard things of you.

We can always rejoice when we keep the commandments

Steven R. Bangerter – Seventy

Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of a gospel foundation.

Lessons taught in the home, though small and simple, are increasingly important in today’s world.

Consistent, wholesome, family traditions… create a culture of love, respect, unity, and security.

How we yearn for the seeds we are sowing to take root in the hearts and minds of our children.

Intermediate Hymn – High on the Mountain Top

Ronald A. Rasband – Quorum of Twelve Apostles

Fear is not new.

We all have diverse fears.

Since ancient times, fear has limited the perspective of God’s children.

The Lord is mindful of us.

Jesus Christ lives.

Stand in holy places, be not troubled, and promises shall be fulfilled.

God loves us, always. 

Our love of God counters all fears. 

When we stand in holy places, we can feel God’s love, and “…perfect love casteth out all fear.”

If we are engaged in the world, we will not fear worldly trends.

Love what the Lord loves.

We should not be troubled by the turmoil of today.

We must place priority on living the gospel and encouraging faithfulness and spirituality in others as well as ourselves.

As we stay on the covenant path we need not fear.

David A. Bednar – Quorum of Twelve Apostles

The gospel of Jesus Christ provides the greatest perspective of truth, and offers the greatest blessings.

We live in a remarkable, and revelatory season of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Sunday meeting schedule was not simply shortened. 

Do not focus on the logistical aspects of what has been announced.

Faith in the Father’s plan and the Savior’s mission should be increased.

Love more completely and serve more effectively our brothers and sisters.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a magnificent tapestry of truth.

True faith ish focused in an on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Strive to gather together all things in one, in Christ.

In our Savior we find joy. We find the assurance of peace in this world, and in the life to come.

Choir – I Will Follow God’s Plan

Dallin H. Oaks – 1st Counselor, 1st Presidency 

We need to be cautious as we seek truth and choose sources for that search.

If the source is anonymous, or unknown, the information my also be suspect.

Information must be free from selfish motivation.

We must learn by study and also by faith.

Gender is eternal.

God’s plan is vital to each of us.

The purpose of God’s plan was to give his children to opportunity to choose eternal life.

Marriage is between man and woman.

We honor individual agency.

We are a missionary people.

We esteem all mortals as children of God, our brothers and sisters.

We want to share our spiritual and temporal abundance with everyone.

The ultimate treasures on earth and in heaven are our children and our posterity.

Opposition is part of the plan. It is inevitable.

Don’t be among those that would rather try to change the church than change themselves. – Elder Maxwell

Our Heavenly Father wants to us to have joy, which is the purpose of our creation.

Choir – Come Come Ye Saints

Prayer – Elder Paria


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