Cause and Effect

My wife shared an interesting thought with me this week. Heavenly Father loves ALL His children and yet He was willing to give up one-third of the children He loved just as much as the other two-thirds because He wanted us to have agency (freedom of choice). To bring her point home, she asked me … More Cause and Effect

True Love

CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO What do you know about True Love? Today is Valentines Day. All of the gentlemen in the world are making preparations for a romantic evening, and the girls are anxiously waiting to be romanced. Of course, this holiday is extremely commercial, but there is a principle present, and if you stop … More True Love

One Solitary Life

This time of year millions of people around the world renew their faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a time for service, forgiving, and improving. Many will give up old habits and come unto the One who makes all miracles possible.  In 1926 Dr. James Allen Francis penned words that should not only be reflected upon … More One Solitary Life