Customizing Christ

A year ago, Greg Trimble wrote an article entitled, “Quit Acting Like Christ Was Accepting of Everyone and Everything,” and due to recent events with the Supreme Court rulings on marriage, it has resurfaced. Every once in a while, sometimes a long while, you stumble upon good reading, and this is by far one of … More Customizing Christ

True Love

CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO What do you know about True Love? Today is Valentines Day. All of the gentlemen in the world are making preparations for a romantic evening, and the girls are anxiously waiting to be romanced. Of course, this holiday is extremely commercial, but there is a principle present, and if you stop … More True Love

Come Together

I noticed it as we gathered around the table praying over our meal last night. People from different states, different backgrounds, different faiths. But one thing in common. Everyone came together. This was my favorite part of Christmas. This was what made the six-hundred mile drive worth it. Last night at our Christmas Eve dinner, … More Come Together