Bumblebees Can’t Fly

During his presidential campaign in 2008, Mike Huckabee quoted the bumblebee argument, which states that the laws of aerodynamics indicate that the bumblebee doesn’t have the required capacity to, and thus can’t, fly. Huckabee’s response: “It is scientifically impossible for the bumblebee to fly; but the bumblebee, being unaware of these scientific facts, flies anyway.” … More Bumblebees Can’t Fly

I Do Not Fear God

It is common to hear someone say that they are a God-fearing individual, usually referring to their belief in God. However, if you were to ask me if I was a God-fearing man, I would answer that I am not. I do not fear God. I trust Him. God is my Father, my literal Dad. … More I Do Not Fear God

Fear and Faith

Oftentimes we are faced with the unknown.  We feel as if we are walking in to the dark.  This usually occurs when we are starting a new chapter in our lives.  Whether it be a new job, new school, marriage, or even just a new day, there is no reason to fear. Throughout scripture we … More Fear and Faith