Book Review – Cheers to Eternity

Al Fox Carraway recently released a new book, this time co-authored with her husband, Ben, entitled Cheers to Eternity. Having thoroughly enjoyed Al’s last book, More Than the Tattooed Mormon, I was anxious to dive in to this new addition to her collection of publications. The book begins with a little conversational background dialogue between … More Book Review – Cheers to Eternity

Customizing Christ

A year ago, Greg Trimble wrote an article entitled, “Quit Acting Like Christ Was Accepting of Everyone and Everything,” and due to recent events with the Supreme Court rulings on marriage, it has resurfaced. Every once in a while, sometimes a long while, you stumble upon good reading, and this is by far one of … More Customizing Christ

Making God Proud

My wife and I were married in the beautiful Salt Lake City temple on August 30th of last year. This October we are excited to welcome a little boy into our lives. Some may think this is all happening too fast, and that we should have waited a few more years. Everyone has different reasons. … More Making God Proud

The Last Say

With all of the debate on moral issues today, everyone seems to feel a need to voice their opinions, and that is okay. I applaud that. I generally tend to shy away from political posts, but sometimes you have to speak your mind… Everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinion. However, as was taught … More The Last Say