Professional Prayer

There are stories that make headline news, and quite often there are smaller, powerful stories within these headlines. While scrolling through the news feed today I saw an article from ESPN about a football injury that happened today. Aaron Williams of the Buffalo Bills suffered a neck injury while attempting a tackle. He was immobilized … More Professional Prayer

A Front Row Seat

Throughout our lives we hear people say profound things. Ideas that, to phrase it modernly, “blow our minds.” In my experience, hearing such things are oftentimes things I knew, but had forgotten, or didn’t realize I totally understood. About a week or so ago, I heard someone mention that God is working miracles, and we … More A Front Row Seat

The Faith of a Child

This past weekend we enjoyed beautiful Lake Powell. It was an adventurous weekend full of fishing, tubing, wake boarding, and jet skiing. The creations of God are a wonder at this special place, with the surrounding red rock during the day, and the sky full of stars at night. One time while we were wake … More The Faith of a Child