Overcoming the Winds of Opinion on Social Media

During his address to the women of the Church this past General Conference, Dieter F. Uchtdorf said the following… “When we [give others control over how we feel and behave], we are driven about by every wind of opinion—and in this day of ever present social media, those winds blow at hurricane intensity.” Near our … More Overcoming the Winds of Opinion on Social Media

Climbing the Hill

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go fishing with a couple of buddies from work. I enjoy fishing. My dad started taking me fishing when I was little. Every now and then we face challenges in our lives that are completely unexpected, and we wonder how we are going to get out of such a … More Climbing the Hill

Never Give Up

How often have we found ourselves in times where it seems the task at hand is completely impossible?  No matter how hard we work, nothing goes our way, and we find ourselves in the mindset that accomplishing what we thought was a righteous intent, may not be. It’s easy to think this way when life … More Never Give Up