Remember Your Dreams

A couple of nights ago, while I was putting my almost 4-year-old to bed, we had the usual exchange of “Goodnight. I love you. See you in the morning.” But then my son said something that caught me off guard. He said, “remember your dreams.”

He likes it when we share our dreams with each other in the morning. Majority of the time, though, I have a hard time remembering them. It was a sweet and simple request, but I think it can go even deeper…

All of us have dreams – goals and desires, things we wish to have or become. And even though life gets busy or throws us curveballs, we shouldn’t ever forget our dreams. No matter what life throws at us, we shouldn’t give up on them. They are our dreams, and if we want them bad enough, we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve them.

I love the movie, Rudy. His entire life, Rudy dreamed of playing college football for Notre Dame. His family would watch the games on TV, and he would picture himself coming out of the tunnel with the team as the took the field to play. Rudy aspired to a big goal, and he had to work extremely hard for it. His grades weren’t good enough to merit acceptance into Notre Dame University, for starters. But eventually, he would barely make it into the school for his senior year. He also struggled to make the football team. He wasn’t quite built for the sport. Rudy was much smaller than the other players, and got beat up pretty good. But his tenacity and motivation kept him locked in on reaching his goal. Eventually he would see game time on the field, and his story continues to inspire many.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

                          -Walt Disney

I love my kids. I love when I have tender moments with them, like this one. But most of all, I love when my kids teach me little lessons like this.


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