October 2016 General Conference Notes – Sunday Afternoon Session

Conducting – Henry B. Eyring
Opening Hymn – O Say What is Truth?
Opening Prayer – Enrique R. Falabella
Choir – Lead Kindly Light
david-a-bednar-largeDavid A. Bednar – Quorum of Twelve Apostles
Only by doing the will of the Father is the saving grace of the Son obtainable.
Do we only know about the Savior or are we increasingly coming to know him?
We come to know the Father as we come to know his Beloved Son.
It’s not just learning about God, it’s coming to know him.
The exercise of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is relying on his merits, mercy, and grace.
Truth faith is focused in and on the Lord and always leads to righteous action.
Faith without works is dead. We are to be doers of the word and not hearers only.
Learning and applying the doctrine of Christ in our life is a prerequisite of obtaining the gift of faith in Him.
To take up his cross is to deny oneself of all ungodliness and worldly lust and to keep the commandments of the Lord.
Steady and sustained progress on the path of life is pleasing to [God].
Pressing forward on the straight and narrow path is what He would have us do.
We more fully come to know the Lord as we serve him and labor in his kingdom.
We are never left alone as we work in His vineyard.
We come to know the Savior as we do our best to go where He wants us to go.
We come to know the Lord as we are filled with His love.
We come to know the Lord as we not only believe in Him, but as we believe Him and His assurances.
It is important for us to not only believe Christ generally, but specifically and purposefully.
Do we believe what we know?
*We believe and come to know Christ…
We believe and come to know the Master…when we give away all of our sins to know Him.
ashton_brian_kent-portrait-276x337Brian K. Ashton – Second Counselor, Sunday School General Presidency
*The Doctrine of Christ
The Doctrine of Christ is the only means by which we can obtain all of the blessings made available to us through Jesus’ atonement.
To rely wholly upon Christ’s merits is to trust that what he did was necessary to save us.
Repentance causes us to become true followers of Jesus Christ.
Repentance is not a backup plan to live perfectly.
We desperately need the Savior’s grace in order to make necessary changes in our lives.
To be complete repentance must be followed by the ordinance of baptism.
Ordinances and covenants are essential in the doctrine of Christ.
The process of sanctification not only cleanses us but endows us with spiritual gifts.
The reception of the Holy Ghost and the change that reception creates in us further builds our faith.
As we apply the doctrine of Christ in our lives we are blessed both temporally and spiritually, even in our trials.
We must apply the doctrine of Christ for it is the only way to return back to our Heavenly Father.
Make a conscious effort each week to prepare for the Sacrament.
carl-b-cook-largeCarl B. Cook – Seventy
We are each a part of a compound gear as we serve in the church.
We have greater power when we join together.
The opportunity to serve is one of the greatest gifts we receive in the church.
All Church callings come from God through his appointed servants.
Fulfilling callings requires faith.
Blessings come as we persevere in our callings and responsibilities and hang on with all of the faith that we have.
The natural man or woman in all of us is inclined to excuse ourselves from serving.
Accepting and fulfilling a calling is an act of faith.
The Lord wants us to gear down and power up and serve.
Every calling or assignment is important.
As brothers and sisters, let’s serve.
Every member is needed, and every member needs an opportunity to serve.
All contributions and sacrifices are valued, especially by Him whom we serve.
Just serve.
Intermediate Hymn – High on the Mountain Top
ronald-a-rasband-largeRonald A. Rasband – Quorum of Twelve Apostles
You are a son or daughter of a loving Father in Heaven and that His love remains constant.
Jesus Christ knows about fears, struggles, and trials.
No mistakes, sin, or choice will change God’s love for us.
Heavenly Father loves each of you and is always ready to help.
Recall, especially in times of crisis, when you have felt the Spirit and when your testimony was strong.
Each of us must first strengthen ourselves spiritually and then strengthen those around us.
To be learned is good if you hearken unto the counsels of God.
Desire to keep the commandments of God.
Never forget personal and sacred experiences.
As you faithfully live the gospel and abide by it’s teachings, your testimony will be protected and it will grow.
Avoid counterfeit offerings of so-called “truth.”
In the midst of life’s greatest storms, do not forget your divine heritage as a son or daughter of God.
Do not forget.
We are sons and daughters of heavenly parents who desire our happiness.
evan-a-schmutz-largeEven A Schmutz – Seventy
There can be godly purpose in our suffering.
God invites us to respond with faith to our own unique afflictions.
We can know in the midst of our afflictions that God has provided an eternal compensating reward.
He hears our prayers, has a reason for allowing our afflictions to continue, and will help us bare them.
Truly, Jesus Christ can and will bind up the broken hearted.
Seek to rely on eternal principles as you wait through the furnace of afflictions.
Take courage, have faith, and believe in the promises of God.
We all must learn that suffering in and of itself does not teach or grant to us anything of lasting value unless we deliberately become involved in the process of learning from our afflictions through the exercise of faith.
All of the hard experiences in this life are temporary.
Even the darkest nights turn into dawn for the faithful.
As we exercise faith in Him he will lift us up.
k-brett-nattress-largeK. Brett Nattress – Seventy
Is there any greater gift that we can impart into our children that they know that we know our Redeemer lives?
*Read the Book of Mormon daily and you will not fall away.
The Savior provided the perfect example of how to live in an imperfect and unfair world.
The Savior is our truest friend.
Nothing can bring more happiness and joy in this life than to know that our children know the Savior.
Choir – I’ll Follow Him in Faith
dale-g-renlund-largeDale G. Renlund – Quorum of Twelve Apostles 
*Firecracker in the overflow
Real repentance also includes a turning of our heart and will to God and a renunciation of sin.
Real repentance must involve faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
The reach of the Savior atonement is infinite in breadth and depth, but it is not opposed upon us.
Repentance is a choice.
Blaming others doesn’t allow us to excuse our behavior.
Minimizing our mistakes, even if no immediate consequences are apparent, removes the motivation to change.
Real repentance requires recognizing the Savior’s divinity.
Instead of making excuses, let us choose repentance.
If we have lost sight of eternity for the sake of a toy we can choose to repent. Because of the atonement we have another change.
Jesus Christ can forgive because he paid the price for our sins.
When we choose to repent we immediately invite the Savior into our lives.
The fact that we can repent is the good news of the gospel.
Repentance is not only possible but also joyful because of our Savior.
Closing Hymn – Let Us All Press On
Closing Prayer – Erich W. Kopischke

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