A Temple in my Backyard

Sunday morning it was announced that the church will be building a new temple in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Living in Lehi puts my family literally five minutes away from that young and thriving community. 

Needless to say, we are terribly excited for this sacred building to appear in our backyard. 

Through all the excitement however, others freely voice concerns and negativities towards the decision. Comments on articles suggest the city focus on adding new restaurants and movie theatres and hardware stores, etc., rather than building a temple. 
It should be noted that it is not the city that is convering the expenses of this project. The church itself will purchase the land and the materials necessary to complete the project. 

What’s also important to realize is that building a temple in such a young city will play a vital role in bringing restaurants, movie theaters, stores, and the like. 

Latter day saint temples, especially in Utah, attract people, both visitors and residents. The city of Saratoga Springs has already been growing rapidly as its neighboring cities overflow, and the temple will boost that process no doubt. 

But why another temple in Utah??

Members are assigned to attend a specific temple, usually located closest to their home. If that temple experiences over crowding due to consistent attendance and there is evidence of growth in the area, another temple is needed. 

Temples are sacred buildings that provide a beacon of light and hope to the areas they serve. Members of the church find increased faith and motivation to do good in the world as they attend. 

To learn more about temples and their purpose and significance, please visit the Church’s website

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