Peter Pan and Our Identity

In 1991, Steven Spielberg directed a movie starring infamous actors Dustin Hoffman, and Robin Williams entitled Hook.  The movie tells the story of a grown Peter Pan (Williams), caught up in the world as a prominent lawyer.  His focus is more work-centered than family-centered.  He’d forgotten a key part of his identity-who he is, and where he came from.  Back in his old, forgotten world of Neverland, the evil Captain Hook (Hoffman) was still seeking revenge on Peter for cutting off his hand, and feeding it to the crocodile.  In his revengeful act, Hook steals Peter’s children from their beds.  The movie tells the story of Peter’s attempt to recall his past life as a lost boy, learning to fly, and fight against Captain Hook once again, only this time, to rescue his children.

Peter’s story can be relatable to our lives.  We all have a very special identity.

“The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.” -Romans 8:16 

This scripture is to be taken literally.  Our Heavenly Father is the father of our spirits (Hebrews 12:9).  In the pre-mortal realm we were individually and uniquely hand crafted by the Divine.  During our pre-mortal life we were taught gospel principles.  We chose to leave this world for a season, to come to Earth, and take up a mortal body, leaving behind the knowledge that we have previously received as only spirits.  We, like Peter, need to learn our true identity, and where we came from, so that we may return safely home.  This, for many, is easier said than done.  But it is not impossible.

Take a few minutes to discover who you really are.  It can be as simple as filling in the blank…

I am _______.

Do this a few times and see what you come up with.  Think positively and be generous!  Start with this fact: I am a child of God.


Here are a few other ideas:

Read the scriptures – you will be surprised how much you will learn about yourself while reading the word of God.

Pray – Ask the One of created you to tell you more about who you are, where you came from, and what your purpose is.

Attend church – Church is the place to learn all that God has revealed about His plan for His children.  This includes you!  To find a church closest to you, click here.

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