We Thank Thee, O God For A Prophet

As members of the Church we are blessed with a living prophet, who directs the affairs of the Church throughout the world. Recently I have created a new page, completely devoted to President Thomas S. Monson. My hope is that those who don’t know much about him will find more information, and learn about what he has taught members of the Church.


Since the beginning, God has chosen a prophet to be His mouthpiece for His children on the earth. A prophet holds all of the authority necessary from God to direct his Church. The Bible is full of prophetic accounts and true stories that teach us the necessity of a prophet’s guidance and direction. When there was a prophet on the earth, the fullness of the gospel was always taught. Those who followed the prophet were always blessed. However, there were always those who persecuted the prophets and took their lives. If there is no prophet chosen by God on the earth, there is no authority, and the fullness of the gospel, along with the treasured principles and doctrines that it contains, becomes distorted and/or lost completely. That is, until a new prophet is chosen by God, and the truth in its fullness is restored once again.

After the death of Jesus Christ and his Apostles, such authority was taken again from the earth. Many new ways of thinking and belief were instituted as people who believed in God tried to carry on without divine authority. Thousands of different churches were formed, and many contradicted. The fullness of the gospel was nowhere to be found.

In 1820, the Father and the Son appeared to Joseph Smith, and restored the fullness of the gospel to the earth for the final time. Thomas S. Monson is the seventeenth in line of succession to Joseph Smith. President Monson holds all of the authority sufficient to act as the mouthpiece of God for us, His children.

There is no doubt in my mind and heart when I hear this man speak. He is just as much a prophet as was Moses. His life is an example of endless service and sacrifice. He lives as the Savior did. Anyone can know as I do about this man’s divine calling. Simply hear him, and pray and ask God if it’s true. God will hear, and He will answer.


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