April 2015 General Conference Notes – Women’s Session

Conducting – Linda K. Burton (RS General President)

Opening Hymn – How Firm a Foundation

Opening Prayer – Beverly Tingey

Cheryl A. Esplin – 2nd Counselor, General Primary Presidency


Creating spiritually strong families and homes.

We must be filled with light and gospel truth.

The Lord can and will speak to us in dreams to teach us important truths.

Do not bury your testimony in the ground.

Hold on to whatever light and truth you currently have, especially in difficult circumstances.

Find quiet moments to seek greater light and truth.

Carole M. Stephens – First Counselor, RS General Presidency


We are each part of God’s family.

In the premarital realm spirit sons and daughters worshipped God as their Eternal Father.

Membership in the family of God is not contingent on any kind of status.

We accepted Heavenly Father’s plan.

Our purpose in coming to earth is to be tested, tried, and stretched.

The Savior understands all our trials.

He is true charity.

Bless, nurture, and defend the family of God.

God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be.

Women have a divine nature, an eternal identity and purpose.

He is the only we can overcome mortal challenges…and return to our heavenly home.

The Father’s plan for His children is a plan of love.

Family Proclamation 20 years old this year.

Women belong. They are loved. They are needed.

Bonnie L. Oscarson – YW General President


There is a war going on in this world in which our most cherished and basic doctrines are under attack.

The Proclamation on the Family has become our benchmark for judging the philosophies of the world.

Strive for the realization of the Lord’s patter and plan.

Each of us is equally valued in the eyes of the Lord.

Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us, but He also has His own time table.

Challenge – Be defenders of the Family: A Proclamation to The World.

Even when the world is shouting in our ears…everyone can be defenders of the Lord’s plan.

If it is the Lord’s plan, it should also be our plan.

Marriage between a man and a women is the Lord’s plan for His children.

Elevate the divine roles of mothers and fathers.

There is no greater honor, or elevated titles than that of mother and father.

Being a mother or a father is something of great worth.

Every child should feel like they are the most important priority to their parents.

One cannot forget mother and remember God.

We should make our homes places of order, refuge, holiness, and safety.

What a difference in the world it would make if we all strived to be makers of righteous homes.

Build the kingdom of God by being defenders of marriage, parenthood, and the home.

Henry B. Eyring – First Counselor, First Presidency


We have today remembered Him in music, in prayers, and in inspired sermons.

You can, and must be an important part of His giving comfort to those who need comfort.

Good people can feel heavy burdens.

You promised that you would help the Lord make others’ burdens light.

The Holy Ghost will teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance.

God allowed His Son to provide hope for us.

Joy always comes after sorrow.

Bring moments of peace and joy to children.

Charity never faileth.

Never lose the urge to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort.

Closing Hymn – Our Savior’s Love

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